In order for companies to grow, they have to find a way to assimilate the best talents available. These people will infuse their organisations with hard-earned knowledge and experience. There is simply no substitute for brain power - technology or otherwise. Particular attention should be given to key positions such as marketing director jobs. Department heads set the pace and you want only the best to lead the charge. While a business can use its HR staff for recruitment, this task is often given to specialists today as they are able to get better results. Here's how a recruitment agency can find you the perfect candidate

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Established Network

Businesses are geared towards providing products and services to their customers. This is what they are good at. They don't really have the infrastructure to hunt for great talents. In the past, they would simply post a job ad in the papers and hope that enough qualified candidates send them their CVs. This is harder today since fewer people read the papers and the job market is more complex. Job agencies have specialised in this arena, enabling them to build a wide network from which to look for people with the right skills and experience for any given opening.

Experience Across Industries

These agencies work with thousands of companies across different industries. Some of their clients are in manufacturing while others are in the service industry and everything else in between. They also have experience handling both small and large demands. They'll be able to locate the ideal candidate whether it is for a call centre that needs to ramp up hiring for the holidays or an advertising firm that wants a brilliant art director. The professional recruiters are just as adept at filling marketing director jobs as they are at searching for a company's next CFO.

Vetting Proficiency

Casting a wide net is just half the battle. In fact, this can make things a lot more complicated if the pool isn't handled well. The candidates will have to be vetted to see which ones are truly qualified for the job. There are employers who are strict about qualifications and others that are more liberal in this regard. Some candidates may come in with an unexpected background but this may be exactly why he or she has an edge over the rest of the field. Agencies will double-check what's written on the CVs and call the references to verify claims.

Negotiation Skills

Once the most qualified individuals have been found, the agency can help in the negotiations for the compensation package. This can be tricky, especially if the person is gainfully employed elsewhere. It is not only the salary that matters but also the benefits and bonuses that come with the job. A suitable relocation package may be required for people who are currently residing in another city or country. There has to be a compromise between what the company can give and what the candidate wants. The agency's awareness of prevailing rates across the board will make negotiations fair and easy.